Is there an access for the handicapped in Bekhradi’s Historical House?

No, unfortunately there are stairs at the entrance. However, guests with reduced mobility travelling with another person can be hosted without any problem in Gooshvareh and Toranj suites.

Is there a minibar inside your rooms or suites?

No, there is only a mini-refrigerator with small bottles of water made available free of charge upon your arrival.

Do your rooms and suites have an internal and private restroom and bathroom?

Each room or suite has a private and internal bathroom and restroom, in which bathroom and restroom are external.

How many rooms and suites do you have in Bekhradi’s Historical House?

We have 3 royal suites (Gooshvareh, Ravagh and Tagh) and 1 double room (Toranj) as well as an extra rarely used room (Hojreh). Please find the plan of our suites and rooms here.


What is the regulation for non-married foreigner couples wishing to stay in the same room?

According to instructions that we have received from the National tourism office, non-married foreigner couples can stay in the same room without any problem.

Do I need to pay in advance a deposit in order to confirm my reservation?

No, a re-confirmation email is enough.

How can I reserve a room and know about the availability and rates?

You can contact us by email or phone or type your requested dates on our web page and we will get back to you by email.


What are the distances between Isfahan international airport, Kâveh bus station and Isfahan train station?

Distances are the following:
– 5km from Kâveh bus station
– 21km from Isfahan train station
– 29km from Isfahan airport

Do you have a pick-up service from Isfahan airport? What is the rate?

Yes, you have to inform us before your arrival. The rate is almost 300k to 400k rials given the type of the car and the pick-up hour.

How to get to Bekhradi’s Historical House?

On foot or by car, you can find us on Google maps and get the directions.
By taxi, please refer to our Guide-Kit, where you can find our address in English and in Persian, which you may show to your taxi driver.
By public transportation, you can come to Shohadâ sq. (on your way from Kâveh bus station) by public transportation (taxi or bus) and walk for 10 minutes from there. Here are the steps:

1. First, head east toward Ebn-e-Sina st. for 400 meters.
2. Then, turn right toward Sonbolestan st. in front of Amin Hospital and continue for another 400 meters.
3. At the end of this street there is a square with a fountain in the middle, turn left continue few steps and then on your right side you can see the Bekhradi’s Historical House.


Can I organize a party or a conference/meeting at Bekhradi’s Historical House?

Yes. Please inform us before your arrival. Kindly note that entrance of outside visitors is strictly forbidden unless you inform us before their arrival.

Do you have a spa center?

No, but you can ask for in-room massage service. Please preferably inform us before your arrival or ask the reception at your arrival.

Do you have a swimming pool or a fitness center?


Do you have onsite parking?

No, but you can easily find a place to park your car close to our residence and the area is safe during the night.

Do you offer room service? What are the hours?

Yes, the room service and housekeeping services are available until 10 p.m.

Do you have a safe box inside the room or at the reception?

Only at the reception for small objects or personal documents.

Is there a computer onsite e.g. to check my emails?

Yes, you can ask the reception. There is desktop computer at the reception.

Do you have wireless Internet access available?

Yes, the WIFI connection is not free (due to the fact that Internet connection fee in Iran is based on data consumption).


Are pets allowed?

No, unfortunately, due to the historical aspects of our residence, pets are not allowed.

Do you allow smoking in courtyard? In the rooms or covered areas?

Smoking inside the courtyard is allowed, however please ask for the ashtray.
Kindly note that smoking is forbidden in our internal areas and rooms and suites.

Can my friend/colleague come and visit me during my stay?

Kindly note that entrance of outside persons to our site is strictly forbidden unless you inform us before their arrival. If your friend/colleague wants to join you at your room, we require a ID at the reception beforehand.

Do you allow bringing food from outside?

No, bringing meals to you rooms and other internal areas of our residence is strictly forbidden.

Is my ID/passport required at check in?

Yes, a valid ID or passport is required at check-in. We will make a copy of it and give it back to you.

What is your cancellation/deposit/modification policy?

There is no need for paying a deposit if your booking is made from outside Iran. If you reserve from inside Iran a deposit payment is required (contact us by phone).
You can modify or cancel your reservation free of charge 48 hours before your arrival, at the latest.

What is check in/check out time?

Check-in: from 12.30 p.m. and check-out: before 12 p.m.


What type of breakfast do you offer?

Typical Iranian breakfast including bread, cheese, marmalade, butter, honey, fruit and juice, egg (boiled, omelets, fried) with tea or coffee.

Do you have an early departure breakfast?

Yes, please inform us at least 24hours before your early departure.

What are the breakfast hours?

From 8a.m. to 10a.m.

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Yes, the breakfast per guest as well as all taxes is included in the room rate.


Do you have a coffee shop?

There is no permanent coffee shop. However, you can order tea, coffee… and enjoy your book in the peacefulness of the porch or courtyard.

Which type of food you serve at your restaurant?

Our foods are all homemade and with the best organic herbs and meats.

Do you have a permanent restaurant?

No, the restaurant is only open on demand.


Can I buy a guidebook of Isfahan or map of the city at the reception?

We do not sell the guidebook but we have free maps available at our reception.

How can I reach IKA, Tehran international airport, from Isfahan?

There are direct buses from Kâveh bus station (about 5km from our residence) to IKA. You can reserve them by asking the reception at your arrival.

Can I buy a cell phone SIM card inside Bekhradi’s Historical House?

No, we do not offer this service. You can find IranCell SIM cards at the Airport or in town.

Can I make a reservation for a bus/plane/train ticket before my arrival?

Yes, please inform us as soon as possible.

Can I reserve a tour guide in English, French or German? What is the rate?

Yes, you can ask us by email or at your arrival.
The rates are variable depending on the seasons.

Can I reserve a taxi?

Yes, please inform the reception beforehand.


In which currency can I make payments?

We accept rials, euros and/or dollars.

What forms of payment are accepted to pay for my room?

Only by cash or Iranian bank cards.

Can I make the payment for the room before my arrival?

If you reserve from inside Iran it is possible. From outside of Iran, it is not easy to transfer money to an Iranian bank account. Therefore, we prefer a payment at your arrival or departure, at your convenience.


I am a student doing a research project about architecture, B&Bs…, where can I find more information?

Please contact Mr. Bekhradi via e-mail for further information.

I have an innovative idea leading to a winning strategy, which I want to share with you, how to proceed?

We are always looking for innovative ideas helping us to improve the quality of our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you come up with an innovative idea.

I would like to advertise for Bekhradi’s Historical House, who should I contact?

It would be a great pleasure for us. Please contact via e-mail Mr. Bekhradi, the owner of the Bekhradi’s Historical House.

I would like to work/collaborate with you, how to proceed?

It would be a great pleasure for us. Please contact via e-mail Mr. Bekhradi, the owner of the Bekhradi’s Historical House.


I have special request, e.g. sending flowers, gift… to a room, who should I contact?

Please contact our reception and inform us as soon as possible.

How and where can I leave a comment or review on Bekhradi’s Historical House?

We will be pleased to have your feedback on our services, so if you wish you can leave a comment about us on Tripadvisor or on our page on Twitter, facebook or Google+.

What if I left an item at your residence?

If you leave something in our residence, we will keep them on our reception or we can send it to your address on your charge.